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13 y old boy, recent injury.

PD FS Axi – avulsion fracture of the patellar insertion of medial patellofemoral ligament
PD FS Axi – patellar bone marrow oedema is noted in the inferomedial aspect; fluid in the suprapatellar recess

PD FS – very subtle bone marrow oedema is detected in the lateral aspect of the lateral femoral condyle

T1 Sag – subsequent cranio-lateral patellar subluxation

Another case from the blog: Wiberg III type patella as predisposing factor for patellar dislocation.

Another case of transient patellar dislocation:
20 y woman.

PD FS Axi & Cor: Bone marrow oedema of the inferomedial aspect of the patella and lateral aspect of the lateral femoral condyle is noted in keeping with contusion due to transient patellar dislocation. There is a tear of the anterior aspect of the medial patellofemoral ligament (MPFL). Small amount of effusion can be traced along the fibres of the swollen MPFL. Minor bone marrow oedema is also noted at the site of the femoral insertion of MPFL.